Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Still as Steel

The room was stone still. I looked around and around and no one could be found.I heard it was a place of succour but not even bones were left behind. I would be hoping to find souls purring here, I must have convinced my soul. Clouds of doubt filled me afresh. This was supposed to be the hiding place.Who would save me now? I began shaking so badly. What do I do now? It was so still as steel. So cold; So silent
I called out from a distance. May be he could hear me instead I shouted  over and over
I called out so badly, even distance could hear me.The wall was kind to return it back to me
It resounded fear to my fainting heart. It reminded me this was the last chance. Stay here and fade away. Step out and be consumed. I heard he was here still.He knew still. He loves still. My feet became still.
Sometimes God seems so distant away. We call and call and it appears, He is done with today's business. We wait so much. It seems He will never resume again. The voices in our head resounds our fate. It reminds us of the damnation visiting the next. It drags anxiety along, accompanies fear and past failures. It reminds us that we are in adequate; at least we've failed before. I must have felt this way many days but lo and behold, He is at the backstage working it all out. I can see why the front stage is so still. Still as steel

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