Thursday, 13 December 2012

Starting the day right

Camila woke up with the blarrh sound of the alarm. She tries to mute but the little piece of a machine seem far away. She crawls out of bed and finally made it. Boom! She hit the snooze button. Alarm rings again. She's now half awake, half asleep; struggling with the thought that she ought to be having her quiet time. Just in a minute, she said silently, not knowing that this time the sleep will take her far away. After one hour of struggle, she finally woke up. It was just a few minutes past 7:00am. Oh my God! She shouted aloud, rushing out of her pajamas and trying to freshing up at the same time.
Thank you lord, she said, hurriedly pouring lavendar on her face. You are faithful, she added, padding her face with some dust powder. In the midst of it she remembered, she had an appointment to catch up with. I will say a prayer in the car. She dashed out of the house and nearly got into the car before she realized she had not switch on the burglar alarm. Looking at the time, she rushed back into the house and found out that she actually forgot her bag on the table. Picking her bag and switching on the burglar alarm and trying to remember a few last things, she made her way to work.
"Good morning", she heard a voice behind her.
She turned to see that it was her boss.
She could see the look on her face. You are late, again.  In between, her secretary was trying to hand her a cup of tea. She rushed to help her out with the door.  Holding the door with one hand and trying to grab a cup of coffee, she returned her boss greetings with the look, "I am sorry".
Too bad, the black thing have spilled over her dress. She looked around and realized her presentation slides have been spilled on too. What a mess! She dashed into the ladies to fix her dress and while struggling, a button got missing. Now she's getting upset but trying to calm down. She head back home and got hit by traffic. It's nearly 11am and she has not said a prayer. She promised to find a few minutes during lunch but other things encroached in. To cut the long day story short...
Meeting was cancelled. Her presentation didn't turn out well as she had to apologize every 5 minutes.  It just seem God was far away. How often do our day begin on the wrong turn, because we started on a wrong note? We stayed up late. We could not drag ourselves out of bed. We tell ourselves, there is no time to pray or i cannot study the word of God now. How often do we leave the house partly undress because the urgency of today made us leave our spiritual clothing at home? We cannot be all  that the lord has called us to be, if we constantly start our day without him. Many of us, including myself leave our homes undressed because we let the every day matter robs us off of our relationship with God. We could stay up late to watch a soap but five minute of the morning is to precious to our schedule. How much would we allow the devil to steal from us and constantly leave us under that guilt frame?
How do you start your day right?
 Early to bed-early to rise. Maximize your day. I have always been under the yoke that if I slept 8 hours a day, I've slept one third of my life. But i have realized that what matters most is maximizing the day. Maximize your day. Spend time seeking God's face by settling the mess of yesterday with repentance, thanking him for a fresh new start and mercies, study a passage of the bible and prophesy into your life consciously. Finally, dedicate the day unto God and see the awe of God direct your every path.


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