Sunday, 9 June 2013

Embrace JESUS's Love for you!

Some have been too bound that they cannot imagine what it means to be free; too wrong to know that you can be right; so much disappointed to believe other’s keep their words; too addicted that they don’t believe it is possible to live clean; too conscious of sin that they don’t understand when you say you are the righteousness of God in Christ; so used to being used that they don’t believe anyone can do a thing without expecting something else in return; some so abused that they don’t imagine what it means to love without condition…

Who says that better opposite is just meant for some people? If it is good enough, then why not for you?

That is what Jesus came to the world to live and die for… so that the best can be yours!

Live life abundantly! Embrace JESUS’ love for you!
By Showforth

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