Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How far am I willing to go?

I was reading today's devotional with two passages I have listed below, I suggest you read too.

"A man named Apollos came to Ephesus. He was a Jew, born in Alexandria, Egypt, and a terrific speaker, eloquent and powerful in his preaching of the Scriptures. He was well-educated in the way of the Master and fiery in his enthusiasm. Apollos was accurate in everything he taught about Jesus up to a point, but he only went as far as the baptism of John. [Acts 18: 24 - 25 (MSG)]"

"Moses used to take the Tent and set it up outside the camp, some distance away. He called it the Tent of Meeting. Anyone who sought God would go to the Tent of Meeting outside the camp. It went like this: When Moses would go to the Tent, all the people would stand at attention; each man would take his position at the entrance to his tent with his eyes on Moses until he entered the Tent; whenever Moses entered the Tent, the Pillar of Cloud descended to the entrance to the Tent and God spoke with Moses. All the people would see the Pillar of Cloud at the entrance to the Tent, stand at attention, and then bow down in worship, each man at the entrance to his tent. And God spoke with Moses face-to-face, as neighbors speak to one another. When he would return to the camp, his attendant, the young man Joshua, stayed—he didn’t leave the Tent. [Exodus 33: 7-11(MSG)] "

Although the article taught about the importance of having a mentor, I learnt other things, I thought I should share with you. How far am I willing to go with the Lord as a woman aspiring to live a fulfilled life. Like Apollos, am I fine with knowing Christ and teaching about Him to a point that is comfortable? Like the rest of Isreal at the time of Moses, am I comfortable of taking my walk with the Lord, just to the entrance of my door but still within my confinement. In my profession, how far am I willing to go out and make a difference? Do I just talk about it, think about it, worry about it and expect others to do it? How far am I willing to live a fulfilled life? My career is not in the way of being the woman I want to be and want to become. My family is not just tagging along and getting the tired part of me. My spiritual life is not just fitting in a box and struggling to get air in my busy world. I am not to let every day go by without a slight effort in making an addition. I am not to love people because they deserve to be loved. How far am I willing to get others to know Christ? I think I cannot get the best of God and all He has prepared for me and family in my comfort zone.

I can see that God wants more from me. He wants me to be closer and closer everyday. He wants me to go wherever He goes. Move when he asks me to. Not tied in my perception of him. Sometimes I expect God to do things in a certain way but He often does not. He doesn't want me to keep a fixed thought about Him. My relationship should keep moving, my daily walk constantly evolving and my impact on the world should be profound everyday. He wants me to be like Joshua who tarried after everyone has left. To hold when everyone has given up. To love when it does not feel like it.

God wants this from me and from any of His children. If you haven't considered it this way, you should give it a thought, but much more, be it.

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